Friday, July 30, 2010

As most of you know, I work at a preschool (and LOVE it!) These are some of the awesome things my kids say:

fred - bread

"Where's mommy?"
"I think mommy's stuck in traffic."

babysoup - bathingsuit

escalavator - elevator

"You're a poopoonastydoodoostinkyhead. WITH CHEESE!"

3 year old Emma - "Ugh! My hair gets in my mouth sometimes." (long blonde hair)

3 Year old Elijah - "Mine doesnt..." (buzzed brown hair)

Emma - "That's cause your hair's brown."

Elijah - "Oh yeah! I forgot."

Cool name of the day: a girl neamed Ireland! Love it!

Today, (sept 21) my 2s played with shaving cream! One girl said, "I look like Christmas!" and another started singing "The First Noel!"!

I'm also a nanny and these are the words of my favorite 6yr. old! "Bonock Obrama [Obama] , he was the best president! He let England rule over Japan. . . 'Cause Japan was being mean. . . yeah."

"For goodnes snakes."

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  1. Ethan still calls a bathing suit a "bacon soup." That's one of those that I just don't want to correct. :)